The Choral Life is the product of a love and passion for choirs and choral music.  Being a chorister myself, I found that I was always looking for advice on singing and warming up, and what to eat and what not to eat just before a concert.  But this information was scattered on the internet, and, not always trustworthy.

I also found that concerts were happening, and I didn’t know about them.  How many Facebook pages do you need to be subscribed to, to know what’s happening in your area/region?  And how will you know when a choir is having a concert, if you don’t know about the choir?

Well, now there’s a place where you can find all of this, and more.

The information will mostly be in English, but Afrikaans will also feature.  And one day, hopefully soon, isiXhosa will also feature!

Feel free to contact us via the “Contact Us” page.  And download the podcasts!

Thank you for your interest

Otto van der Walt